Intro to Surface Design Workshop

Get started making the fabric your very own!

Getting Started with...

  • Natural Dyes
  • Simple Shibori Techniques
  • Block Printing

All demonstrated on knit fabric!


Workshop Summary

In this workshop, we'll take things like natural dyes, shibori techniques, and block printing to create our own fabric.  The world of surface design is vast, deep and wide.  

But, you can simply just get started!  These lessons are designed to help you do that.  

Get your feet wet, or your fabric rather!  

Try out some designs, play with some color, have fun.

You'll get introductory videos and handouts for three types of surface design techniques...

  ~ natural dyes 
  ~ simple shibori techniques
  ~ block printing

You'll also get links to the resources I like to use and books I've found inspirational in my journey.

Oh, and a community!   There's a private community on the website where you can ask questions, share your wins, laugh at your fails and connect!  Any ol' time.

Workshop Lessons

Tina VanDenburg

I teach women how to sew clothes they love so that they feel beautiful, empowered, and connected.  14 years ago, I taught myself to sew clothing and fell madly in love, not only with my makes but with my body.  I teach because it lights me up.  I sew clothes because it makes me feel beautiful, empowered, and connected.  And it’s that magic that I want to share.

Course Pricing

  • Intro to Surface Design Workshop
  • $27 USD

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  • natural dyes
  • shibori techniques
  • block printing
  • links to my favorite resources
  • an online community where you can ask questions