Drafting a Knit Skirt Workshop

Who needs patterns when you have your very own measurements!

Workshop Summary

In this workshop, we'll take your measurements and draft a knit skirt to fit both your body and your style.

Pattern drafting is exciting stuff!  And simpler than you think.  

It opens up the world of sewing in a whole new way, allowing you to more closely see how patterns are made and once you know how patterns are made changing a pattern to fit your body better because easier too.

So grab your pencils, calculator and paper and let's get drafting!

~As a bonus, we'll begin the workshop with some videos on knit fabric 101 and on sewing with knits.   Even if you've been sewing with knit fabric for awhile, give them a watch.  You just might pick up a tip or two!

~Then we'll get started drafting the skirt...there's a handy worksheet to help with this process.

~Finally, we'll sew up the skirt and check the fit!   

Then you can sashay around in your new, self-drafted skirt!

This workshop is just right for you if...

  • if you've been sewing clothes and you'd like to try your hand at pattern drafting
  • if you are new to sewing garments and want to jump right in!  (yes, really!)
  • if you've been sewing clothes and you'd like to both try out pattern drafting AND sewing with knits!

Workshop Lessons

Tina VanDenburg

I teach women how to sew clothes they love so that they feel beautiful, empowered, and connected.  14 years ago, I taught myself to sew clothing and fell madly in love, not only with my makes but with my body.  I teach because it lights me up.  I sew clothes because it makes me feel beautiful, empowered, and connected.  And it’s that magic that I want to share.

Course Pricing

  • Drafting a Knit Skirt Workshop
  • $27 USD

    Learn how to draft your own knit skirt!

    Get it now!
  • Video instructions on drafting your own simple knit skirt
  • Video instructions on sewing up your skirt
  • Video on sewing with knits
  • Video on knit fabric 101
  • Worksheet on drafting your own simple knit skirt
  • Private community to ask questions and connect