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Knits can be annoying.

They stretch and wiggle while you sew.  They can have wavy seams and suck into your sewing machine...get eaten even.

But oh, are they lovely to wear.  So comfortable!

And, this might be the best thing, forgiving in their fit.  Not only in their fit while sewing but also while having that second piece of cake!

Want to learn how to sew knits with more ease and joy?

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About me

Hey there!  My name is Tina

 I started Kinship Handwork as a way to connect and share the joy of making things with your own two hands.

I teach women how to sew clothes they love so that they feel beautiful, empowered, and connected.

14 years ago, I taught myself to sew clothing and fell madly in love, not only with my makes but with my body.

And as part of the process I learned to sew what I loved to wear.  

And what I love to wear are knits!

I'm thrilled to share that love and knowledge with you.